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PocketToro is a brand-new website covering the ins and outs of the financial markets. We create educational content on the topic of ETFs, stocks, personal finance, and investing in general.

Hi, and welcome to PocketToro. Founded in April 2022 by a journalist with more than a decade of experience, PocketToro is all about finance and investing.

The site’s goal is to create in-depth educational content on investment topics like stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and more. We also cover all-things related to personal finance including budgeting and credit cards. So if you want to learn things like what are stocks and how are they different from mutual funds, what’s all the fuss about low-cost index funds, and which ETF books you should spend your money on, PocketToro has you covered.

Here’s the type of content we focus on at PocketToro:

  • In-depth — it answers all of the reader’s questions.
  • To the point — every word and sentence creates value.
  • Simple — everyone understands it, regardless of their investment experience.
  • Entertaining — because a little humor never hurts.

Our aim is to educate, inform, as well as entertain our readers. We want to simplify the world of finance and make it more appealing to those who think investing and money management are complex and boring.

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Mitja Rutnik

Mitja has more than a decade of experience working as a journalist and has written for various publications in North America and Europe. In addition to all things finance, he loves sports and is a self-proclaimed pizza expert.

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